Get Rid of Thrush Mouth

If you have an oral yeast infection/Thrush Mouth the best course of action is to go to your local health store and purchase one of the below remedies , you can make yourself a custom gargle for it..(you will need to gargle often)

Natural Remedies:

  • Tea Tree Oil, easily available from most health stores, a bit strong- you need to dilute it with olive oil or better yet..
  • Coconut oil has natural antifungal properties, perfect for external use, mix with tea tree for added effect.very good for nursing mothers with thrush on the breasts and for the babies mouth dilute 6/1(6 parts coconut 1 part tea tree)
  • Oregano Oil, very good for external use, a bit spicy (burns) also needs to be diluted.can be made into a potent gargle
  • Grapefruit Seed extract, this can be bought from healthstores and is very effective at killing yeast, you can gargle with it. (about 5- 8 times a day)

If you are getting oral thrush remember to eat lots of good live culture yogurt and take acidophilus supplements, also , avoid carbohydrates for a few weeks(except green leafy vegetables)- adhere to the anti candida diet.

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